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IKM Linear Methodology

Linear assessments are the common test type everyone is familiar with from school. Unlike more sophisticated adaptive tests that adjust question difficulty based on answering patterns, linear testing delivers all questions in the same order to each test taker, regardless of how earlier questions are answered. Linear testing is the preferred platform for aptitude testing, automating paper-based assessments and simplifying custom test creation.

Assessment Platform: Linear tests can be easily scheduled using IKM's standard test administration menus. Scores are available immediately upon assessment completion and can be optionally emailed to the test candidate and/or the test administrator.

All the sophisticated analytical tools available with IKM's Adaptive assessments are also available for the Linear platform. Assessment results can be easily integrated with existing learning management or HR systems and are stored in a secure database for subsequent review or analysis.

Assessment Creation: IKM's Linear assessment platform allows for easy conversion of existing paper-based tests into an electronic format that can be delivered and scored online. The Linear question format is diverse and includes multiple-choice, multiple correct with up to five correct answers, true/false, yes/no and fill-in-the-blank questions. Every assessment can employ a combination of these question types and questions can be delivered in any designated order.

A special Linear version of IKM's popular test development tool (Testwrite™) is available and designed to enable quick and simple conversion of existing paper-based tests as well as custom content creation.

Assessment Format: IKM's Linear assessments can deliver questions in sections (sub-topics) with each section having its own time limit and independent scoring. A question review screen is provided at the end of each section so that test takers may review prior questions and revise their answers.

Clients can choose the order in which the questions are delivered. Point values can be assigned to questions indicating how much that question contributes to the overall score.

Scoring: IKM's linear assessments offer several scoring alternatives. From a simple percent of questions answered correctly to more sophisticated scoring using individual question point values, IKM can automate your scoring needs.

Assessment results include:

  • Overall score
  • Percentile comparisons
  • Duration
  • Skills analysis
  • Detailed individual question analysis

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