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IKM Certification is a suite of assessments to provide a powerful, comprehensive and flexible means of administering certification initiatives to guarantee the standards of your people, process and overall customer experience. Using standard and customized assessments, you can certify skills at the individual, department or enterprise level based on your company’s core skill requirements.

5 Key Reasons for Certification

  1. Assurance: Certification offers a level of assurance that an individual or an organization has met or exceeded rigorous recognized standards.

  2. Respect: Employers welcome and respect certification as it gives a recognized comparable measurement of achievement.

  3. Verification: Certification offers a way to verify credentials against published criteria.

  4. Recognition: Certification is important for internal professional recognition, external verification and accountability.

  5. Consistency: Certification ensures corporate procedures and processes are maintained and that an individual or organization complies with recognized standards.

IKM Enterprise Certification™: Provides customized certification programs to maintain organization standards, procedures and processes. Eg: Security and Compliance

IKM Progressive Certification™: Ensures certification programs evolve with current and future organizational requirements.

Skills: customer service processes, bank loan processing

Products: product knowledge, software usage

Roles: call center representative, team leader

Using IKM ATAC™ (Assess-Train-Assess-Certify)

IKM ATAC™ is a proven methodology to optimize the training and certification process across your organization. Coupled with detailed employment tests, IKM ATAC™ offers you the ability to:

  • Determine skill levels currently held in your organization using skill tests
  • Establish knowledge gaps
  • Identify specific training needs of individuals
  • Develop homogenous learning groups for optimal knowledge transfer
  • Identify and nominate Mentors
  • Provide an individualized e-training prescription
  • Award certification to those who attain the required skill level

Based on IKM ATAC™, you will discover that:

  • Over 15% of your employees will not need training
  • 15% of your staff offer a cost-effective method of training through mentor programs
  • Of those who need training, 25% will only need training in one area or task

This means you will:

  • Reduce training costs
  • Improve knowledge transfer
  • Increase staff loyalty
  • Reduce staff attrition
  • Improve staff productivity

A closer look at IKM ATAC™

On a department or enterprise-wide level, IKM's Skill Gap Analysis aggregates skills so group skill gaps can be identified. This allows for customization of course content and/or course delivery for targeted training to specific areas of group weakness. (For more information on available reports for training, please click here.)

Based on the assessment results, you can form homogenous training groups and utilize IKM TrainingLink™ that automatically directs an individual to the training course required. This improves the efficiency of your training process and heightens information absorbed by the learners.

Many clients have found it useful to conduct pre- and post-training assessment for a given class. Not only does the pre-training assessment help target training needs, but also it provides a benchmark from which the post-training assessments can be compared. Such a comparison can substantiate the transfer of knowledge and pinpoint areas not sufficiently understood by the class. (For more information on available reports for training, please click here.)

For ongoing professional development, IKM Proficiency Profiles™ are stored in the database and may be printed or referenced as needed. IKM SkillSearch™, allows searching for individuals who possess strengths in certain areas that is ideal for planning and resource allocation after training, and for identifying potential mentors.

Individuals meeting the determined criteria can be awarded certification and marked for future projects, performance reviews, financial rewards and career advancements. Leveraging their knowledge, you can appoint certified individuals as Mentors to support others in the organization who are striving to achieve the desired level of skill. Knowledge and skill should be seen as an evolving process. It is important to reassess certified individuals over time to ensure their skills are still current and valid to your organization.



IKM for Certification Brochure

IKM Benifits

arrow Increase employee competence
arrow Improve employee productivity
arrow Improve hiring and selection process
arrow Reduce employee attrition
arrow Increase customer credibility



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