This test is for measuring knowledge of collecting, handling, and using cash in a business environment. It includes cash pooling; managing liquidity via treasury functions; risk management as it relates to cash flow; and forecasting cash flow. It is specific to the...

Finance – Financial Management

Assesses an understanding of financial management knowledge and skill including financial management concepts and calculations, debt and debt restructuring, financial reorganization and Sarbanes-Oxley issues.

Finance – Financial Knowledge

Assesses foundational knowledge of financial issues including financial markets and business structures, financial management and analysis concepts, currency markets, business ethics and law.

Finance – Insurance

Assesses an understanding of various aspects of health insurance including employer-related insurance, elements of health insurance plans, insurance billing and coding.

Finance – Financial Analysis

Assesses an understanding of financial analysis procedures and techniques including investment and analysis concepts, financial statements and financial data resources.

Finance – Consumer Finance

Assesses an understanding of consumer finance issues including credit monitoring, debt concepts, educational finance, investment, planning and insurance.

Data Entry – Checks

The applicant is asked to type details from a series of checks into an on-screen form. Scores are based on speed and accuracy.


This test is to measure knowledge of analyzing financial data to determine a customer’s worthiness for credit. It covers the process to determine one’s credit levels; how to avoid risk; the credit analysis process; and how to handle outstanding bad debts....


This test measures knowledge of investigating and assessing creditworthiness of potential customers. It includes common industry terminology; determining and minimizing risk; collecting on overdue accounts and bad debt; and analyzing financial information to judge a...

Bank Teller – Teller Knowledge

This test contains questions on common skills required by bank tellers, such as knowledge of banking products, proper banking procedures and issues related to security and fraud.

Bank Teller – Money Handling

This test contains questions related to working with currency, checks and other items related to duties as a bank teller. Questions include interactive exercises in cashing checks, handling deposits, spotting fraudulent items and reconciling a cash drawer.