IKM Migrates to Amazon Web Services

IKM is pleased to announce, effective January 19, 2020, the successful migration of its IKM Online computer systems to Amazon Web Services (AWS).As a market leader in Cloud Services, AWS provides support for up-to-date technologies with continual portfolio development...

Word 2016 – Beginner

Questions on the most commonly used Microsoft Word 2016 features such as editing, file management, formatting, printing, tables & graphics, and tools & automation. Includes end-of-test review feature.


This test is designed for developers to measure proficiency in using Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.0/1.1 to create applications. It is written to the W3C standard.

Workplace Reasoning

Questions testing general cognitive skills required by most positions from entry level through supervisor levels, including, understanding numerical data, reading comprehension, understanding charts, diagrams and graphs and the ability to reason logically.