Word 365 – Intermediate

Questions on the most commonly used Microsoft Word 365 features such as editing, file management, formatting, printing, tables & graphics, and tools & automation. Includes end-of-test feature.

Workplace Reasoning

Questions testing general cognitive skills required by most positions from entry level through supervisor levels including understanding numerical data, reading comprehension, understanding charts, diagrams and graphs and the ability to reason logically.

Workplace Reasoning Assessment-2

Questions to assess mental processes that are critical to numerical, logical and verbal problem solving in work-related environments for exempt or professional-level positions. Measures overall score and logical, numeric and verbal reasoning sub-scales


This test measures knowledge of using the Microsoft Xamarin platform to create and maintain native applications for Windows, Apple iOS (Xamarin.iOS) and Google Android (Xamarin.Android) in C#. It covers cross-platform apps, platform-specific apps, and...

Word 2016 – Advanced

Questions for the advanced user of Microsoft Word 2016 features such as file management, editing, formatting, printing, tables and graphics as well as tools and automation. Includes end-of-test review feature.